Dehydration is a serious condition that causes over 300,000 unnecessary hospitalizations every year for adults 65 years and older (Ruxton, 2012). In fact, 18% of adults diagnosed with dehydration will die within 30 days, and approximately 50% of patients may die within in a year (Ruxton, 2012). Due to the natural changes that come with age, older adults become more vulnerable to the unfortunate risks associated with dehydration (Ruxton, 2012).

ThrIV understands how difficult it is to balance life and the care of your loved ones. ThrIV is dedicated to the provision of medically trained personnel on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, to assess your loved ones for risk factors for which we may administer IV hydration and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. Through proper hydration management, ThrIV will decrease the risk of your family member becoming another statistic.

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