Do “cougar” relationships actually work?Dear Anjl & Marilynn

Do “cougar” relationships actually work?Dear Anjl & Marilynn

This week, our intrepid advice columns weigh in in the subject of dating between older ladies and more youthful guys.

Every week, neighborhood “women about town” Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee response OnMilwaukee visitors’ questions regarding relationships, relationship and other things that is in your thoughts. They mention that this line is “for activity purposes only,” however they mostly state that so that they do not get sued. Deliver your questions to Anjl and Marilynn at .

Dear Anjl & Marilynn,

Do Cougar relationships in fact work?

Dear Cougar Interested,

Marilynn: YES. Next question?

Anjl: Jesus, i really hope therefore . for anybody playing along in the home, ladies who constantly victimize more youthful guys are described as metropolitan cougars. Exactly how much older does a lady need to be to make the cougar moniker?

MM: Good question, Anjl. And I do not think there was a solution for that. That is unfair, whenever you contemplate it. It never ever generally seems to make a difference just how much older a guy is than a female in a relationship, unless there was a 40-year huge difference. With ladies, five or six years is apparently all it will take.

AR: Well, i will state that a decade could be the cougar world. Like that personally i think a lot less creepy about myself.

MM: Funny, we was gonna express 15 years, when it comes to reason that is same.

AR: okay, really, now. Do it works? I do not understand why maybe not. I have never ever seen one break apart due straight to the age huge difference.

MM: My last severe relationship ended up being with some guy fifteen years younger. We had been together for nearly 11 years.