Tea Time with Tomato Advice – How can I end my poly relationship well?

Tea Time with Tomato Advice – How can I end my poly relationship well?

Relationship advice column when it comes to one plus the numerous.

“i’ve been questioning whether I happened to be undoubtedly poly or otherwise not for sometime. Therefore I began someone that is dating has your own history with polyamory to gauge that orientation for myself. We enjoy our relationship and my metamour really, greatly. Nevertheless, In addition began dating a person that is second have discovered We have more deeply emotions for. Let’s call him the next ( perhaps maybe maybe not hierarchical, simply because chronologically he occurred secondly). I’ve found now I am worried about how this will affect the first, as well as our shared friends that I do want to continue a monogamous relationship with the second, but.

I’m perhaps maybe perhaps not often the anyone to dump individuals (We frequently have dumped) so I’m perhaps not certain how exactly to get relating to this in the place that is first. Not to mention carrying it out with all the added modifier to be poly.

Actually, you’ll find nothing incorrect with this particular man. He’s amazing and I also act as buddies along with my exes, since it could be great to still be friends with him too. He could be very calm and understanding, but I still don’t want to harm him by any means. Particularly because if you ask me, we stress that it appears like I’m someone that is just ditching had ‘first dibs’ in ways, for some other person. We don’t want him to imagine it’s because he’s not adequate enough, or such a thing like this.

I believe the ability is had by me become poly and may greatly relish it, but that I additionally find advantages from centering on just one single individual.

also my anxieties about having a complete house life in a poly situation. While i might like poly dating phases, we don’t think I wish to live hitched (in other words.