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College Information

Dating at Columbia: An Expose

I’ll be– that is honest at Columbia is not a real thing. I have far, far a lot of asks about how exactly to ‘date’ at Columbia, and I also can realize where in fact the concerns are arriving from; it absolutely was only some months (err, years?) I became in your footwear, desperate to obtain my university whistle damp.

Here’s the rules, and I’ll attempt to keep carefully the details juicy. But very first…

Dating in college is not the norm. Yeah, courtship, times, trips to your museum, meeting the moms and dads? Doesn’t typically happen (at the least in freshman and sophomore years). You’ll find that, especially through the beginnings of N(S)LOP to your end of sophomore slump, many people would like to attach, be it because of the extraneous objectives associated with the college or even the sheer anxiety of maintaining a viable relationship. But, don’t get me personally wrong; dating is still something. We dated my very first boyfriend whilst in my freshmen 12 months.

Nevertheless, beyond that, you’ll realize that quite often, hook-ups occur with greater regularity, plus in a wide range of places (including Butler Library). For homosexual dudes, Grindr is just a source that is good.