Adult Dating Site Hack Exposes Information On 4 Million Consumers

Adult Dating Site Hack Exposes Information On 4 Million Consumers

A website that is dating grownups, one of the biggest on the web is hacked by cyber crooks. Detailed information of almost 4 Million users is released online.

Adult FriendFinder internet site which defines it self as being a ‘thriving sex community’, had the knowledge on 3.9 million of their users compromised and shared on line, including data from past people that has deleted their records. The info contains personal e-mail, postal and computer internet details. It offers the users’ sexual choices and their orientation. The harmful drip of delicate information that is sexual cyber crooks was investigated by Channel 4 Information.

Adult FriendFinder claims to have 63million users globally, with over 7 million surviving in the united kingdom.

It is really not yet clear exactly how hackers had the ability to get access to the account information on 3.9 million users, but a Channel 4 research surely could monitor the drip up to a hacker known as ROR[RG].

Victims of this hack are generally being targeted with spam e-mails, some of which contain viruses. Other information that is personal such as names, e-mail details and times of delivery is also utilized by cybercriminals to aim identification theft or threaten uses of this web site with blackmail.

“FriendFinder Networks Inc understands and fully appreciates the severity associated with the issue,” a representative for your website told Channel 4. “We have previously started working closely with law enforcement and possess launched a thorough research with the aid of leading third-party forensics specialists.

“We pledge to use the appropriate actions required to safeguard our clients if they’re affected.”

The site’s security credentials, the leaked information also suggests that it may have been misleading its users although the hack damages.