Would criminal record checks make dating apps safer?

Would criminal record checks make dating apps safer?

A ProPublica report implies Tinder’s absence of criminal background checks sets users at an increased risk

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Example by Alex Castro / The Verge

Match Group, the largest dating conglomerate that is app the united states, does not perform criminal background checks on some of its apps’ free users. A ProPublica report today features a couple of incidents for which registered sex offenders proceeded dates with ladies who had no concept these were speaking with a convicted criminal. These guys then raped the ladies on their times, leaving the ladies to report them towards the authorities and also to the apps’ moderators. These females expected their dating apps to safeguard them, or at minimum veterinarian users, and then realize that Match has little to no insight on who’s employing their apps.

The piece walks through specific assaults and contends that the apps don’t have any genuine instance for perhaps not vetting their users.