25 Disturbing Reddit Threads That Can Make You Sick To Your Belly

25 Disturbing Reddit Threads That Can Make You Sick To Your Belly

1. They heard a keyboard typing from an empty space

“There was one story we read a bit straight back. It had been a woman along with her mother plus they lived alone in a residence. The woman would hear the noise of the keyboard being typed on through the computer room, but only once she had been from the space. She didn’t think her mom heard it but one the mom confirms that yes she hears it too day. Anyhow, therefore one night that is late woman is using the pc and right next to her ear there’s a seem like some body sucking in really sharply. She nopes away from there ASAP.” — heythisis-myusername

2. They discovered an unconscious individual in their pictures

“That thread where some body uploaded pictures of the climbing trip and there clearly was an unconscious individual laying indian girl dating canada within the back ground using one associated with the photos.” — a_latvian_potato

3. They drove down a road full of bodies

“Can’t get the source but i recall reading about a user who was simply driving when you look at the hills and she or he took a diversion or something like that. From the this as a result of exactly exactly exactly what occurred next, the image will usually stay with me personally. Essentially the motorist eventually ends up finding a long road or one thing also it’s full of systems, call at the center of nowhere, simply individuals lying on the floor. The driver was concerned but drove beyond the systems, slightly further up the trail. When he or she seemed within their back view mirror, most of the figures had been upright looking at the vehicle, and also other individuals appearing out of the nearby woodlands. The individual sped quickly after that, but imagine exactly exactly exactly what the hell had been happening, and also the motives of these ‘bodies.’” — littlefilms

4. They murdered their gf

“Not certain that it has been published yet, but there’s a thread where this person from Canada on the run in the usa for killing their gf articles about any of it.” — moonlight_ricotta