Sports betting. Brooklyn v Milwaukee: Bucks to beat outsider

Despite a decent line-up, Milwaukee is at risk of not making the playoffs this season. At least the fight is still going on, but the chances of finishing the regular season in the Top 8 are minimal. In many ways, the problem lies in the Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. unsuccessful game on the road, where they managed to win only eight fights.

Also, the team’s result was influenced by injuries of some of the leading players of both the starting lineup and the reserve. Mayo and Carter Williams were out by the end of the season. Doesn’t quite live up to Greg Monroe’s hopes, but the Bucks have won in the past two meetings, though, matches were played at home arena.

Away, Jason Kidd’s team have won only once in the past nine fights, but it is against Brooklyn that the Reindeer are playing successfully, losing only one fight out of the last six. Brooklyn will play at home for the first time in three weeks, but the team is now in a disassembled state. The chances for the playoffs have already been lost, and the roster has already turned into a bunch of young players along with Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young.

Brooklyn’s “strength” can be judged by the fact that since mid-January, the worst NBA team, Philadelphia, have won two games and both wins were over the Nets, losing three in a row and in five of the last six matches. “Bucks” it’s time to start winning on the road, where to really transfer successful actions in home meetings. In this match, the guests should win with a handicap (-2). It is not so often against such a weak team as Brooklyn you can see such a small head start.

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Leeds – Leicester: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

Last season’s stats suggest Leeds should have no problem with cornering superiority over Leicester. Indeed, in all four parameters, which directly affect the number of corners, the home team has an advantage over the guests.

Let’s go in order. The first component is the number of crosses. Leeds made 22.26 crosses per game last season at home, Leicester were limited to 17.26 on the road. The second element is shots on target. For the hosts, it is 5.63, and for the guests – 4.78. The third component is ball control, which directly depends on the number of passes. Leeds averaged 553 assists per game at home, while Leicester averaged 547 assists away. At the end there are takeaways. The fewer the better. Leeds have 14.52 clearance per game and Leicester 18.36.

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If we start from statistics, then the superiority of the home team over the away team is quite enough to bet on a clear victory in corners. But I propose to be a little cautious and stop your final choice on a zero handicap.

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Minnesota – Cleveland: forecast and rate. Attack will not be in the forefront of the entire match


Nothing worthwhile Minnesota can’t show yet. Without Karl-Anthony Towns wolves have already forgotten what victories are. Minnesota lost six of the last seven battles, and managed to take only two of seven matches at home. Leader Timberwolves will not play against again Cleveland, and Russell’s participation is also questionable, but the likelihood of his appearance on the floor is still high. It is worth noting that even at home Minnesota cannot boast of high performance. In four of the past six home battles wolves did not score more than 98 points, but the opponents in the last 10 matches throw Minnesota an average of 113 points.


Cavaliers also cannot boast of any success, especially on the road. Away Cleveland who has the second-lowest attack in the league (104.2 points), has lost five of his last six battles. It should be noted that Kavs it is on the road that they are completely sad about the attack. In seven of the last 8 away battles, it was not possible to score even hundreds of. On the road Cleveland on average gains 96.4 points per match when selling 42% from the game. This is the last and penultimate place in the league. Yes, after a failed match with Nyx whose attack is even worse, Bickerstaff said that the team will pull up in the attack, but so far the numbers are against it.

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In this game, you can play on the one hand and win Cleveland, which, in terms of composition and prospects, still bypasses Minnesota, but the teams will play the next match on the court Kavs where the odds are cavalry much higher. Both teams are eager to win, so in this case it is worth playing their own total. The proposed total for the match of 218 points seems gigantic for teams that are in the last five of the league in terms of performance, but just a completely disastrous defense wolves can spur guests.

In this case, you should take a closer look at the bet on the total of the least productive quarter less than 46.5 points. All four 12-minutes can hardly be percussion for such rivals, so at least once, but will fly by. In off-site meetings Kavs this proposal to take place in most matches, to be precise, in six of the past seven.

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Yaroslav Shvedova – Ons Jaber: forecast and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Yaroslava Shvedova

In 2020, Shvedova returned to the tour after a three-year hiatus. Yaroslava gave birth to twins and was close to retirement. However, the 33-year-old Kazakh woman still returned to the tour. However, the results of Shvedova leave much to be desired, she had nine fights and won only one victory. It is worth paying tribute to Yaroslava, in every meeting she laid out on the court 100%.

Shvedova no longer boasts a powerful serve. Especially the tennis player sags on the second ball, so she risks and makes a lot of double mistakes. In jokes, Yaroslava acts as straightforward as possible, she avoids protracted exchanges of blows and tries only to aggravate (from any position). There are big doubts that Shvedova will once again play at its former level.

Ons Gill

The gill has been at a high level for far from the first season. But during her career, the representative of Tunisia has not won a single WTA tournament. The problem is that Ons is not even able to play several fights at the same level, without a decline. At the same time, the tennis player suffers most of the defeats in those matches where, it would seem, she should win with a crush. However, all this does not prevent Jaber from occupying the 25th line of the WTA tour rating.

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Gill stands out for its non-standard play. She is constantly trying to come up with something on the court, and this is not always good. For example, instead of hammering in a smash, Ons begins to indistinctly shorten, etc.d.

Analysis of the fight

There is no intrigue in the upcoming fight. The gill is in optimal shape and has already adapted to the ground. Shvedova not only loses to everyone, but at best even holds one tournament a month. Of course, this is not enough to get in and keep fit. However, Yaroslava has a fighting character and vast experience of performing at this level. I expect Shvedova to score at least a few games in each set.

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